Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Long Time Ahead of Us --The Walkmen

I'm begging people to get me this camera. I told my mom, she doesn't have to get me anything for Christmas; this is all I want! It's an Agfa Isoly!! How cool is that? It takes super awesome pictures too. I think I might die if I can't add this German beauty to my collection. I've only been able to find ONE on the internet. So, this is a very hard camera to find, and now's my chance to snatch it. Heck! I'd even be willing to pay for it!

As far as my high school life goes: it's going. My ecosystem of friends, as I like to call it, is getting bigger everyday. You see, I came to school one day with a The Cure shirt on, and this chick freaked. I told her about myself, and she told her friends about me and how cool I am. So, now I'm getting introduced to new people everyday as 'that one super awesome girl I was telling you about'! What's even better, is the girl is in theatre, as well as all her friends. I'm friends with the theatre crowd now! I feel special.

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