Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"i remember when i was little. everyday at 4:00pm i would walk with her and hold her hands to alberstons to get warm bread to eat and she.."

So much has happened today. Today is like the day of all days; the BIG ONE; the monster; the eye of the tiger. It's graduation day!! Crazy fun, and some tears along the way.
I was happy and excited all year long for this day to arrive. To finally be done and be away from these people! But the time is upon us, and I realise just how much these people mean to me. They're like my life, my world. I've grown up around them, and I've watched them grow. And to leave them, to leave my life behind, is going to be hard. Because it is up to me now, to create a new one in this world. To create new one! A new life! A new start! New people to see the new me, and know better as who I really am! It won't be so bad. But I'm going to miss some of those ol' folks...

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