Friday, December 26, 2008

Oh, Monday, Monday

I got my Diana Dreamer as well as a keyboard, books, scarves, clothes, a signed piece of art, records, a Baby Ben pink alarm clock, and of course, gift cards. (and some random other doodads...) So, altogether I believe this Christmas went very well. I had some ups and downs; but nothing to stop me from keeping on.

I also redecorated my room for the gazillionth time. My keyboard is set up. Pictures are hung. New (and trendy) pillows are about. My few records are displayed. I'm content with it.

This New Years Eve is going to be a hoot. :) My dad is host a new years eve party at is house and my brother and I are invited. I'm pretty excited since there's going to be a bunch of cool people there. I do have a new years resolution. I plan to shapen my self up; I'm going to stop acting all gloomy because I honestly have no reason to. And I'm going to get fit. (how original!) ~sarcasm!~

Warsaw rocks! I've also been listening to the Juno and Oceans 12 soundtracks. Both fantastic.

(the few records I got were all Beatles, by the way...)

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