Saturday, December 20, 2008

All I want for Christmas

I should have told santa, my Bible teacher, that I wanted a Red Rider BB Gun. But before I left school, I forgot. I'll probably get a "nice" football. No, the one thing I really want this Christmas is just a keyboard that has that touch censor thing. It's baisically like a real paino; if you hit the lightly it will play light, and if you hit the key hard it will play hard. Although I am looking forward to tearing rapping paper and find the Dianna Dreamer in my hands. :D It's probably the coolest camera I've ever seen in my young life:

Urban Outfitters has just the coolest things a person like myself could find. I don't think there's a better store around. (and if there is please let me know) And speaking of cameras I've done really well with myself and the photos I've taken so recently. I think photography is really comming to me now; and I think it will take me places, one day. Art has been my passion from the beginning, but I see that I have a better eye for photography. I've also had an eye for literature such as poetry, stories, lyrics, etc. I guess I'm an O.K. writer.

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